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Giving thanks in Steamboat 2010A year ago I wrapped up three months living and working in the mountains. With a full draft of my first book project under my arm, I bid a fond farewell to life in the high country. Now this is home again: west of Steamboat, where my twin passions of snow and writing can frolic together every week.

Making a home in a new place is an exercise in learning and adaptation. One common thread between my life's last chapter and this new one is my friend the written word. Which word? Oh, it changes, but there's always at least one. Right now it would seem my word of 2010 is scripts. In my last newsletter I mentioned that last year's TV screenplay for Warren Miller sparked several more screenwriting assignments – and perhaps with good reason. That '09 show won a top Telly award this year.

Here, then, is another installment in the life and times of a wordsmith. Thank you all for supporting my craft, reading my stuff, and tolerating my intros. Cheers,

Action! Directing The Movement
Filming Mike May in TahoeMy script has turned into a wild season of filming, grant applications, and the magic of movie financing. In a couple weeks I'll be on the slopes of Aspen directing a shoot for our project, The Movement. For a hint, visit producer Kurt Miller's to learn how people with disabilities can find freedom in the mountains.

Chasing Warren Miller to Both Poles
Behind the scenes with Warren Miller film crewsOnce again I scripted this year's behind-the-scenes tale of intrepid crews delivering yet another ski epic, Wintervention. Cameramen and athletes trekked from the Arctic to the Antarctic: view the 22-minute show.

60 Years of Maine Loafing
Sugarloaf at 60 years youngI teamed up with WebEye Group (producer of the snowboard segment at the Vancouver games' opening ceremonies) on this short film celebrating Sugarloaf Mountain. My research and interviews delved into stories of local Loafers like 2-time Olympic boardercross champ Seth Wescott.

Just Published: Weather, Gear & Parties at the Ends of the Earth
Appearing in the current issue of SnoWorld, this is an expose of the often sordid affair that ski movies can become:

"At the far ends of the planet, everything seems to ramp up several notches: the gear, the weather, the distance to medical help and the ability of Scandinavians to take a party into the realm of the obscene ..."

Ball Corp's Can-do Attitude
Better known for its aerospace division, it's actually Ball's packaging group that brings in 90% of their revenues. I interviewed the top dogs to learn the business (and rocket science) behind the humble pop can.

"What many don't realize, as they sip, guzzle, or glug their drinks, is that the aluminum can is actually a feat of modern technology ..."

Spreading Rumors of Cannibalism and Penguin Abuse
I knew I'd be writing this Waren Miller assignment for the editors of SKI magazine, so I figured I'd better dig deep for a juicy story. I tracked down a film crew in New Zealand, the wild-haired editor, a harried director deep in post-production, and a couple tell-all assistants.

"His pitch to a Hollywood producer might have sounded like this: 'Once they run out of penguins, they must eat each other to survive.' The producer perks up and says 'March of the Penguins meets Alive? Brilliant. Greenlight it!' ..."
Trophy Case
Dynasty: 60 Years in the Making wins Silver Telly
This 23-minute documentary on the 2009 Warren Miller film was awarded the top honor in its category for the 31st Annual Telly Awards.

"A Must Read" Peter Buffett
Living Richly On Sale
New book published December 2010My new book, co-authored with Myra Salzer, is on sale this week. The son of billionaire Warren Buffett says: "The gifts (my dad) gave me haven't been monetary, but rather of ethics and values. The inheritors in Living Richly have a more complicated path – Salzer understands that."

Are You Following the Leader?
The current Wisdom Works newsletter marks the sixth issue I've edited. Highlights include my interviews with these business leaders:
Coca-Cola's chief of staff, Stu Cross, on leadership legacy
• The CEO of Poland's Netia discussing great conversations
• A senior Booz Allen exec's candid take on coaching for capability
• Training firm Magis' CEO explaining how they build resilience

Biz Journal Picks Up Blog
I have now worked with eight different bloggers, from coaching and strategy through edits, formatting, SEO, and photo research. The Colorado Springs Business Journal picked up one of Renee Moorefield's blogs for its June "leadership" edition.

Beer vs. Bread: My Blog
Throughout 2010 I've blogged monthly about the 12 points of the Scout Law, offering my unique (let's call it) perspective on such timeless topics as flossing the Reaper and being stupid to be brave.

'Boat Blog; Digs Deals
record snow in Steamboat blue skies and fresh snow
The best opening day in a decade and it's still snowing in Steamboat. I just landed a gig as the mountain's substitute blogger – see my pics from last week.

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